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Content Developer Community

What is the Content Developer Community?

The Content Developer Community is a place where you, as a developer, can get in touch with our in-house Bloomreach experts on any queries you may have regarding our Content products. Our Community can be found on this link:

What can the Bloomreach Community offer?

Using our Bloomreach Community, you can ask questions about our products or make our engineers aware of any issues you may encounter. The community allows you to be in direct contact with our experts and other Bloomreach Content users. You can ask questions, help other customers if you know the answer, or can contribute to the topic, browse through topics that interest you as a developer or topics linked to your query, and more.

In summary, with the Bloomreach Community you can:

  • ask for help, our engineering team is closely paying attention to answering all your questions,
  • get insights on how others implement the Content module, and
  • share feedback, suggestions for improvements, and requests.

We hope you make the most of our Content Developer Community and find it useful!

Bloomreach Academy

Bloomreach Academy enables you to deliver magical experiences by providing the knowledge needed to become an expert user of our solutions. Academy courses are designed to get your development, marketing, and merchandising teams up to speed with the platform quickly and effectively.

Bloomreach Academy offers the following Content training:

Visit Bloomreach Academy to learn more about the training offerings.

Bloomreach Developer Blog

Bloomreach developers and guest authors from our customers and partners share their insights, solutions, and tips and trick on the Bloomreach Developer Blog: