Content SaaS vs brXM

What are the differences between Content SaaS and brXM?

Bloomreach has two Content products. As we believe that the future is cloud-first, we developed our current solution Content SaaS (sometimes previously referred to as Headless Experience Manager) to be a market leading headless and composable commerce offering. Our go-to-market is focused on our MACH-compliant offering and new Bloomreach customers will only be offered our SaaS-based products. We also have our legacy Content solution, Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM) which has previously been offered as a platform-as-a-service solution.

Though they both provide unparalleled functions to optimize your content management experience, there are several important differences between Content SaaS and brXM.


Different documentation sites for Content SaaS and brXM

This documentation website (the one you are currently on) hosts all the information you need for Content SaaS, while our Experience Manager website provides the know-how for brXM.

Why you will like Content SaaS

Content SaaS is our future-focused offering and is provided as a no-code software as a service solution that allows customers to get up and running quickly, with little to no IT support required. The application is hosted in our Bloomreach Cloud environment, and can be effortlessly paired with other Bloomreach products (Discovery and Engagement).

It is a scalable and inclusive option for all your commerce needs. We offer SDKs for integration with several of the popular front-end frameworks which alleviate the responsibility of having to know all the details of integration with Bloomreach Content.

What brXM contains

Our brXM product, on the other hand, has historically been offered on a platform as a service premise giving customers the ability to extend the functionality of the application without having to deal with the headaches of hosting it. Its primary focus is on creating, testing, and deploying the developed application - it includes easy page management, dynamic components, experience pages, and more.

brXM customers are responsible for updating their brXM implementations. You can learn more about Bloomreach's End-of-Life policy for brXM versions on our site.

The key differences between brXM and Content SaaS are summarized in the table:

Content SaaSbrXM
  • Ideal for full-site based on a Storefront and headless and API-based web development

  • Quick set-up process with the possibility to start small and scale up

  • Integrated with our Discovery and Engagement products to deliver unique commerce and marketing capabilities

  • New features automatically available to all customers

  • Fully managed hosting infrastructure including disaster recovery
  • Ideal for complex multi-site solutions with heavy Java customizations

  • Ideal for customers who want greater control and ownership over the configuration and maintenance of their CMS

  • Well-suited for Java developers
  • Unsure if you have Content SaaS or brXM?

    To make it easier for you to distinguish, both the Content SaaS and brXM dashboards offer updated information about the type and version of Bloomreach product you have. This may help navigate you to the right Bloomreach documentation website for your product.

    If the below dashboard is what you see (Bloomreach Experience), you are a proud owner of our SaaS product! Another easy way to distinguish that you have our SaaS product is to check the URL - if your browser URL shows a host, you're using Content SaaS.
    To make the most of your product, this documentation website is the right place for you.

    If your dashboard specifies which Bloomreach Experience Manager version you have, in the case of the screenshot below it is version 14.7.5, you are a happy member of the brXM community! To utilize our product to its fullest potential, make sure to check out our brXM documentation website for all the information and guides you may need.