Optimize Your Pages For Conversion Using Recommendations and Pathways

Learn how to make your Experience pages more shoppable and drive more revenue with targeted, relevant recommendations at key conversion points for your shoppers with the Pathways & Recommendations feature.

Step by Step Guide

Before You Start


This guide assumes your channel was created using the Reference SPA channel template. If it was created using a different template, some screenshots and UI labels may be different.

Add the Pathways & Recommendations Component to a Page

Open the Experience Manager, select your channel, and navigate to the page you want to optimize.

Click on the icon in the top left to open the left drawer and select the Components tab.

Select the Reference SPA Pathways & Recommendation component:


Configure the Pathways & Recommendations Component

On the page, click inside the container in which you want to add the component. It will initially show a message "Please configure Widget ID and Widget Type first". Click on the component on the page to open its configuration in the right side drawer:


Click inside the Widget field. In the widget picker that pops up, select the widget you want to use and click on Select:


In the Widget Algorithm dropdown, select the algorithm you want to use:


Once you have selected the widget and algorithm, the component will automatically update and should show now show products:


Finally, select the Properties tab in the component configuration side drawer, enter a title and fine-tune the number of components and details to show:


Save the Component and Publish the Page

Click on Save. The updated page is now ready to move into the publication workflow.


To make your pages even more engaging and further optimize them for conversion, personalize your Pathways & Recommendations components for your customer segments!