FAQs - Configuration

1. Why am I unable to edit or create a Content Type? How do I create or change a Document or Content Type? How do I define my own Content Type? How do I define my own fields?

The following are the possible reasons and answers for the above queries:

  • Check if you are authorized to make the changes. Contact the IAM Admin user to get the required rights.
  • Check if you have the Development project with Content type changes project. If not, then the above issues occur.
  • Check if the Content Type is being edited by another user (it will be listed under Locked documents and content types in the Home app) or is part of a development project currently in review (you will see a message when opening the Content Type in the Content app).

For more information, refer to the following:

2. How do I create a dropdown or a picker? How do I get reference values? How do I create a lookup table? How do I enable editable labels? How do I reuse a document?

You want to refer to another document inside your document or use a preconfigured value set to avoid unexpected/non-uniform values for a field. This could be for various reasons such as country selector, input range, department list or a label for a field which business can update later on. Use Link Picker or Resource Bundles for it.

For more information, refer to the following:

3. How do I add a new menu or navigation? How do I create a new menu component and add items to it?

The following are the possible reasons and solutions for the above queries:

  • You can use an out of the box menu based component for the top navigation component.
    a. Base Menu Component
    b. Manage a Navigation Menu
  • You can create your own menu component and consume it via layout of a page.
    a. Create a menu component using Site Management API
    b. Add the menu to a Layouts
    c. Create a page using the same layout and enable editing of the menu within the Experience manager preview (This is possible as long as the preview app uses Bloomreach SPA SDK properly)


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