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Commerce Experience Cloud UI Walkthrough

This page walks you through all the tabs on the left navigation bar in the Commerce Experience Cloud user interface. Some tabs open an application directly, others open a submenu listing multiple related applications.

  • Provides a view to shortcuts, activity history, and pending workflow requests.
Experience manager
  • Provides the ability to drill down into specific channels to manage the front end experiences on the site using a live preview to the application.
  • Enables the ability to make and submit multiple changes to a channel at one time, eventually merging all changes to the core project, or temporarily enabling these changes as part of a campaign.
  • A folder structure view to the content repository where content creation takes place. 
Document search
  • Quickly find content in the content repository according to keywords or specific filters with the ability to publish or unpublish. 
Search & Merchandising
  • Site Search & Merchandising

    • Ranking rules:  The ability for merchandisers to influence the ranking of products within search result pages

    • Redirects: Give the change to redirect search queries to other webpages. This can be tested as well!

    • Facet management:  The ability to change the ordering of facets to achieve specific goals.

    • Testing: The ability to use Bloomreach’s powerful A/B Testing capabilities to understand how merchandiser actions affect the business.

    • Suggest blocklist: Prevent particular terms from showing in autosuggest.

    • Synonyms: Expand search result sets by adding synonyms as related queries.

    • Ranking diagnostics: Understand why products are ranking based on Relevance or Performance factors.

  • Categories

    • Ranking rules:  The ability for merchandisers to influence the ranking of products within search result pages

    • All categories: View into all categories able to be manipulated.

    • Facets: Category specific facet management for boosting, burying, and hiding.

  Pathways & Recommendations
  • Control center for creating grid experiences to be used on landing pages, category pages, product detail pages, or other areas of the digital experience that abide by merchandiser rules or predefined algorithms.
  • Opportunities: Machine predicted low-hanging fruit. Quick hits and wins identified by looking at similar queries and categories with actionable links.

  • Activities: A view into recent activities taken by the merchandising team, or manually tagged events based on.

  • Playbooks: A group of actionable reports such as cross-sell opportunities and other predefined reports for search and category performance insight. 

  • Collections: Gives the ability to define custom groups of products to look at aggregate performance over time.

  • Library: A full list of diagnostics reports for drilling into products, categories, queries and more.

  • Category analytics: Category performance insights based on taxonomy nodes. 

  • Site search analytics: Reporting based on domain specific site search performance. 

  • Recommendation analytics: Analytics specific to recommendation widgets created in the dashboard.

  • Content Reports: Understanding of site performance through integration of third party analytics tools such as Google Analytics. 

  • This area will show all the Bloomreach Search and Merchandising A/B tests that are running. Users would be able to click in to view test results and decide to end or keep them going. 
  • Content audiences: Add Engagement email campaigns in order to personalize pages based on segments used in your campaigns.

  • Merchandising audiences: Define and target merchandising strategies to specific user segments.

  • Algorithm settings: Influence global search, category, recommendation algorithms to optimize toward specific business objectives. 

  • User management: Bloomreach Search & Merchandising user management.

  • brXM user management: Bloomreach Content user management.

  • System: Bloomreach technical system information. 

  • DevStudio: Bloomreach Search & Merchandising Pixel and Feed monitoring.

  • API details: Domain and account information for API authentication.


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