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Milestone 1: Create a Channel

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Milestone Overview


Create a new channel in the Experience manager application.

Estimated Time to Complete:

2-5 minutes


In this milestone you are going to use the Experience manager application to create a very minimalistic new channel with a single page and add a single component to that page. This will serve as the backend for the frontend app you will create in the next milestone.

Create a Channel

First, let's create the channel. Open the Experience manager application. In the Channels overview, click on the + Channel button in the top right.

In the Select blueprint dialog that pops up, select Website and click Next.

Next, enter a name for your channel (for example, "getting started") and click on Create channel:

The new channel will now be listed in the Channels overview:

Click on the new channel to open its preview!

You are now on the homepage. A standard skeleton frontend app is currently used to render the preview. In milestone 2 you will create your own frontend app and in milestone 3 you will go through the steps to configure the Experience manager to use your app to render the channel preview.

Add a Component

Note the black-bordered area on the page (if you don't see the area please click on the show components button in the top right). This is what we call a container

A container is a placeholder for components. Multiple components can be placed inside a container. A page can have multiple containers. See the Manage Component on a Page user guide and the Site Configutation developer documentation for more info.

Open the left side drawer using the button in the top left and open the Components tab. The component library for this channel contains only one component at the moment: Content.

Click on the Content component in the left side drawer to select it, then click inside the container on the page to add the component. It will show standard "Hello World" content that is stored in the page object.

If you'd like to edit the content, open the Page menu and select Content:

The right side drawer will slide open and show an editor where you can edit the different content fields. The page preview will update automatically while you edit the content.

Click on Save to persist your changes.

At this point your changes are still unpublished and only visible in the preview. To publish the page and make it available through the Delivery API, open the Page menu again and choose Publish​​​​​.


Now that you have created the channel, you are ready to move on to the next milestone and create your own frontend app that will consume the Delivery API and render the channel!

Milestone 2: Create a Frontend App >

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