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Site Management Concepts

Bloomreach Experience Manager's delivery framework uses a number of concepts to enable flexible multi-channel delivery of content.

Delivery Configuration

A delivery configuration is a collection of configuration items required to deliver a site. Configuration items include but are not limited to: routes, layouts, components, etc.


A site binds a delivery configuration to a content root in the repository. Different sites can use the same delivery configuration with different content roots, for example in case of translated sites.


A channel is a site that can be managed through the Experience manager.


A layout is a configuration of containers and components into a hierarchy.


A component is a single unit in the hierarchy that makes up a layout. It typically has a single purpose such as retrieving one or more content items, executing a search query, or delegating to child components in the hierarchy.

Component Group

The catalog contains components that can be added to a container by CMS user in the Experience manager.


A container is a placeholder in a layout for one or more component instances added and configured by CMS users in the Experience manager.


A route binds a URL or URL range to a layout and, optionally, to a content path relative to the content root defined for the site.


A menu is a hierarchical navigation structure, binding menu items to URLs defined by route.

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