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Add a Campaign



Add an Engagement email campaign to Content audiences in order to personalize pages.


For an integrated experience, brX Content enables personalization of pages using the Experience manager based on segments used in Engagement email campaigns.

This page explains how to prepare your email campaign in Engagement for page personalization and how to add your campaign to Content audiences.

Set up an email campaign in Engagement

Before you can personalize pages in the Experience manager, you must create a segmentation and set up an email campaign in Engagement.

In the design for your email campaign, include some targeted rows and set each to a different segment:

  1. Add a new row or select an existing row in the design.
  2. Under Row properties, Display conditions, select Set segment/s and select a segmentation and segment.

Within each targeted row, add links to the the page(s) you will personalize for this campaign. To find the URL for a page, browse to the page in the Experience manager, open the Page menu and select Info:

In the settings for your design, make the following changes:

  1. Set Link transformation to Manual and configure the following Bloomreach Tracking Module (btm) parameters:
    1. Set btm_campaign_id to the hexadecimal identifier in the URL of the Engagement application. For example, "612d6bbf7cff765e90dc0d62" in
    2. Set btm_segment to the Jinja code for your segmentation. You can find this code in the design editor by clicking on the {} button at the bottom and selecting your segmentation.
    3. Optionally, set btm_ttl to the number of days the personalization should be valid. The default value is 7 days and the maximum value is 28 days.
Bloomreach Tracking Module (btm) parameters are link parameters used to pass segmentation information from Engagement to the Content module. These are used to start the personalization and store the relevant info in the Bloomreach cookie. 

Add the campaign to Content audiences

In brX, open the Content audiences application.

Click on the +Campaign button in the top right to add a new campaign.

Enter a Campaign name. It's a good idea to let it match the name of your email campaign in Engagement but it's not required.

Enter the Campaign ID of your email campaign. To find the Campaign ID, open the email campaign in Engagement and copy the hexadecimal ID from the URL. For example, "612d6bbf7cff765e90dc0d62" in

Enter all relevant Campaign segments. These have to exactly match the segment names in Engagement.

Click on Save to add the campaign.

You are now ready to personalize pages.

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