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Get Started with Bloomreach Headless Experience Manager


Welcome to Bloomreach Headless Experience Manager, a headless content management system with the APIs and flexibility to power any front end while retaining powerful personalization and authoring capabilities!

This guide helps new developers get started with the platform. Step-by-step through a series of milestones, you'll learn the first steps of developing websites using Headless Experience Manager:

  1. Milestone 1: Create a Channel
  2. Milestone 2: Create a Frontend App
  3. Milestone 3: Set up a Development Project
  4. Milestone 4: Create a Component

This "Get started" guide covers the very first steps of website development with Headless Experience Manager through minimalistic examples of the "Hello World" type. These examples allow new developers to focus on a single aspect of the platform at a time without getting distracted by the complexity of a real-world application.

For developers ready to step up to the next level, Bloomreach also provides a more extensive tutorial that goes more in-depth and uses the Reference SPA for a more real-world-like application context.

Before You Start


Before you start this tutorial, make sure that:

  • You have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • You are comfortable working with your computer's command line and a text or code editor.
  • You have the latest LTS version of Node.js installed and are familiar with using the Node package manager.
  • You have a Bloomreach Headless Experience Manager developer trial account. Contact Bloomreach to request your trial account if you don't have one yet.

Log in and Get Familiar With Headless Experience Manager

You should have received an email from Bloomreach containing the URL of your Headless Experience Manager developer trial account along with your log in details.

The URL should look like this, where [account_name] is the name of your trial account:


You'll see the following landing page at that URL:

Click on LOGIN and on the next screen, enter your username and password.

Once you are logged in, feel free to look around and open the different applications available in the left navigation.

In this tutorial, you'll mostly be working with the Experience manager application. Watch the video below for a short demonstration of how the Experience manager application works:

If you open to the Experience manager application, you will see there is already one channel called "BrX SaaS". This is the standard channel that is preconfigured in every new Headless Experience Manager instance. It uses the Reference SPA as frontend.

A channel is a website or a translation of a website. A single Headless Experience Manager environment can manage multiple channels. See the Experience Manager Application user guide and the Site Configuration developer documentation for more info.

If you click on the "BrX SaaS" channel to open its preview, you'll recognize it from the video above. Feel free to play around with it.

When you are ready, you can start with the first milestone!

Milestone 1: Create a Channel >

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