On-site personalization and A/B testing with add-on in-app personalization - all are powered by real-time, first-party data for the fastest ROI on the market.

# Who is this for?

  • Marketers

  • eCommerce professionals

  • Digital teams

  • Merchandisers

  • Developers

# Features

[Real-time Personalized Weblayers](🔗)Drive engagement and conversion with Weblayers, personalized banners that can be shown on specified pages of your website to a specified audience.
Zero Party Data Collection ([Weblayers](🔗))Collect customer data in real-time and deliver on the demand for both privacy and personalization - all without data from other parties.
[Web Optimization & A/B Testing (Experiments)](🔗)Experiments (also known as web optimization) allow you to make changes to your website using a simple visual editor and switch between variants of your modifications to compare their performance.
[Real-time Granular Segmentation](🔗)Divide customers into smaller groups based on common characteristics or activities and display them personalized web layers and app notifications.
WYSIWYG & JS/HTML/CSS [Editor](🔗)Design weblayers in the intuitive "What-you-see-is-what-you-get" visual editor or by changing the code JS/HTML/CSS code directly.
[Weblayer Templates](🔗)Select one of our new predefined templates when creating a new weblayer. Templates are great starting points for your campaigns or special seasonal events like Black Friday.
Server-side Testing & Personalization ([Managed Endpoints](🔗))Managed endpoints return personalized HTTP responses in a format defined by you and so suit your needs the best. They allow you to truly personalize the customer experience on any third-party application or channel.
[Analytics & Evaluation Dashboards](🔗)Use Dashboards for analyses and evaluation of relevant data and see all the key metrics and trends about your business in a single place.

## Add-ons

The Web & App Personalization package also includes add-ons:

Mobile App Add-onInclude mobile strategy as a significant part of your marketing strategy as an additional channel providing a competitive edge by sending engaging, personalized push notifications to your customers with the help of: [Personalized Mobile Push](🔗) [Customizable In-app Messages + Templates](🔗) [Testing & Live Preview](🔗) [Visual ](🔗)and [HTML Editor]\(HTML Builder) [Silent Push Notifications](🔗) [A/B Testing](🔗) [APP Inbox](🔗)
AI UpgradeProvide truly personalized and relevant content to your customers at every step of their journey with: [Contextual Personalization for Scenarios](🔗) (coming soon) [AI-based Product Recommendations](🔗) [Pre-built Predictions](🔗) [Custom Prediction Models ](🔗)
[Security Upgrade](🔗)Manage access of internal users through centralized identity management with Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication method.
[Big Query](🔗)Flexible, secure, and scalable infrastructure to house your data in an Engagement-like structure, frequent data updates ensure that your data is always available on demand for custom analytics using your own BI tools.
[Exports](🔗)Export raw (CSV or JSON) data from Bloomreach Engagement in a custom-defined structure to any file storage via any of the existing file storage integrations (SFTP), (Google Cloud Storage) or Azure Storage.

# Customer Data Engine

This package is further **powered by a [Customer Data Engine.](🔗)** Learn about the features included in the Customer Data Engine [here](🔗).