Learn about the [Customer Data Engine](🔗) - a package you get with every one of the [main six packages](🔗)!

# Features

[Single Marketing View of Customer](🔗)Single customer view collects all relevant information in one place, including your customer historical data, interactions updated in real-time, and predicted future behavior — in a way that is intuitive and easy to take action on.
Omnichannel Journey Orchestration ([Scenarios](🔗))Scenarios allow you to interact with the right blend of channels, such as email and SMS, for each customer and deliver relevant and consistent experiences.
Real-time Campaign Simulator ([Scenarios - Test & Preview](🔗))Dry-run the campaign as if it was executed immediately, taking into consideration all policies, A/B splits, unsubscribes, and other aspects, and see how your campaign will affect your customers and in what numbers.
[Real-time Event Tracking](🔗)The platform is capable of data processing and execution in less than a second, so all of your customer segments and campaigns will adapt immediately.
Data Retention Control ([Data Minimization](🔗))Control your client data with our Bloomreach Engagement features to stay in compliance with GDPR and data protection.
[1st party cookie tracking solutions](🔗)Mitigate the impact of various tracking limitations imposed by browsers and sustain consistent tracking of anonymous users using 1st party server-side cookies.
[Real-time Analytics](🔗) & [Data Exploration](🔗)Manage your data and gather useful insights into your customer behavior with the Bloomreach Engagement Analyses tools.
[Custom Reporting](🔗) & [Metrics](🔗)Create custom Reports and summarise important metrics, such as the total revenue, the number of buyers, or the conversion rate in grid tables.
[3rd Party Integrations](🔗)Integrate your project with virtually any third-party application.
[Webhooks](🔗)Webhooks communicate with different services via APIs and enable you to send automated messages or retrieve data from third-party tools.
[Security and Compliance Support](🔗)Bloomreach Engagement provides a comprehensive set of security features to ensure that your customer data remains safe.
[Centralized Consent Management](🔗)Manage your subscription policies and track any changes to consent for every customer.
Rule-based [Recommendations](🔗) (trending, new, filter-based)Deliver personalized and relevant content to customers at every step of their journey with product recommendations that are based on automatic analyses of customer behavior.
[Web Push](🔗)Engage with your customers through push notifications in different browsers.
[SQL Reports](🔗)Create the report based on data from 3rd party data sources that are written in SQL query or visual mode.
[Vouchers](🔗)Send your customers voucher codes to incentivize purchases and increase customer loyalty.
[Imports](🔗)Import data to your project from sources outside of Bloomreach Engagement.
[Surveys](🔗)Easily create surveys that can be sent to customers using unique links and collect feedback to understand your target audience.
[Google SSO](🔗)Manage access and keep only active users via a centralized identity.
[Tag Manager](🔗)Tag Manager houses all predefined presets as well as custom tags that can be inserted into a webpage and allow customer personalization and custom tracking.