New integrations

As of May 2021, all new integrations are required to use [API based catalog feed management](🔗) to send data and perform index updates.

Reserved Fields are a list of Bloomreach reserved keywords used in feed processing to assign attributes like price, availability, size, etc. using a set terminology. These are consumed by Bloomreach to create a basic understanding of your product catalog and how to process it within the scope of the Bloomreach algorithm. For example, the “price” field is a Reserved Field and must be used to send the details of the price of your product to Bloomreach. If you use a custom field with variations like “my_price” or “product_price” etc. Bloomreach will not treat it as the price of the product.Reserved Fields are reserved keywords/attributes/fields that cannot be used externally for any field mapping. For example, the field "sale_price" is used to capture price of a product on sale. In Dev Studio, mapping an external dynamic attribute to "sale_price" does not work.

## Mandatory fields

There are 9 mandatory Reserved Fields that must be sent to Bloomreach during feed processing. The current list of mandatory Reserved Fields are:

  • availability

  • crumbs

  • description

  • pid

  • price

  • thumb_image

  • title

  • url

## Using Reserved Fields

While using the reserved fields for building any of the front end components, note details like Data Type, Facetable, to be used correctly as shown in the table below.For example, the Reserved Field “price” is a number and trying to filter it as a string, returns an error in the API response as it is not supported in the API.

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