## Problem and Background

The ptype is set to a category but either the cat field, "cat_id" field or both are missing.


## Debugging Steps

  1. Reach out to [Bloomreach Support](🔗) for a list of URLs with Category Page View pixels where the "cat" and "cat_id" fields are empty.

  2. Go to that URL, a Category Page View pixel is generated. Verify if the "cat" and "cat_id" fields are empty manually.

  3. For missing "cat_id" additionally, check for the ptype as well. If the ptype is not set to category, set it to the correct ptype as well (or fix the pagetype in SUC if the SUC pagetype is incorrect)

## Common Causes

  • This page is actually not a category page, and therefore should not have a "cat" and/or "cat_id". It is possible that the pixel ptype variable is not classified as a category but SUC has classified its SUC page_type as category.

  • It is a category page with missing "cat" and "cat_id" fields.

## Solution

Once you have debugged the issue, download the examples from the Simple Pixel tool and fix the pixel implementation. Reach out to the [Bloomreach Support team](🔗) on how to download the examples on the tool.

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