# Problem

The pixel report shows a drop in the product page view as depicted in the image below.


# Possible Reasons

The following are the possible reasons for this issue to occur:

  • Certain issues with the Pixel such as misclassification of ptype.

  • _Product_id_ missing in the Pixel report or not matching with the PIDs supplied in the feed.

# Environment Details

This issue usually occurs in the Production environment if the Pixel implementation is not properly done, this can occur in both the Staging and Production environments.

# Cause

According to the [product documentation](🔗), any product, product bundle, product collection or SKU set needs to be classified as _br_data.ptype = “product”_

# Debugging Steps

  1. Check the Pixel end-to-end and ensure that the “ptype” is defined properly. To know more about Pixel check, refer to [this document](🔗).

  2. Ensure that the _Prod_id_ is getting captured properly and it shows the same PID in the feed.

  3. You can download the examples from the pixel monitor. Also, you should be able to validate the site using the pixel validator extension.

# Solution

In certain cases, the issue is with Pixel implementation. It could also be due to backend pipeline failure. However, if it is because of pipeline failure, the data would be missing completely for all the reports. In that case, please reach out to [Bloomreach Support](🔗).

To fix this issue: If the issue is with “ptype”, contact your technical team to get the “ptype” corrected. It should be _br_data.ptype = “product”_ If the issue is with missing or mismatched _Prod_id_ in the report, check the implementation and fix the Pixel.

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