## Problem and Background

In some cases, users on a category or search results page can click on a product to view the details through a quick view modal or a popup without navigating to the product page completely. This triggers the Quickview event pixel.


If the “prod_id” parameter is empty in the event, it triggers an error.

## Debugging Steps

  1. Reach out to [Bloomreach Support](🔗) for a list of URLs where all Quickview pixels which have empty prod_id.

  2. Each example for this check provides the URL that has an empty “prod_id” field.

## Common Causes

The pixel implementation is not capturing the “prod_id” of the event.

## Solution

Reproduce the issue using the debugging steps provided, find out why the “prod_id” field is empty and fix the pixel implementation. If the issue persists, contact Bloomreach Support.

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