## Problem and Background

Bloomreach crawls the homepage and gets all the urls on the homepage. If an url on the homepage is not found in the list of all raw urls from pixel logs, then that url is listed in this check. Here the assumption is that every url from the homepage is visited at least once in a day. Therefore, if any url from the homepage is missing from pixel logs, we assume that pixel is not implemented for that url and that is why it is not found in pixel logs. If a pixel is missing on some page Bloomreach does not receive any traffic information for these pages. So Compass users are unable to receive any performance metrics for these pages and these pages are not all accounted for in various insights reports such as 'categories with low add to cart'. This issue becomes severe if some subdomain is missing pixel implementation and Bloomreach is not receiving pixels for a large set of pages.

## Debugging Steps

  1. Request [Bloomreach Support ](🔗)for the lists of all the urls from the homepage that were not found in pixel logs. 2. You can go to each url and verify if a pixel is generated or not.

  2. There are some urls like contact-us page/blog pages that are supposed to not have pixels as Bloomreach does not use these urls. Therefore, you can ignore them.

## Common Causes

  • You have not included the relevant javascript code for a set of pages.

  • Sometimes there are false positives. For example, links on homepage do not include ‘www’ but when clicked they go to a ‘www’ page. In the pixel logs all the urls listed should have ‘www’ but since Bloomreach does not exactly match urls from the homepage, not having ‘www’ do not match with urls from pixel logs that have ‘www’.

## Solution

Add pixels to the pages that are listed in the pixel implementation.

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