## Problem and Background

When a user performs a search query on your website, a Search Page View pixel is generated and the "search_term" field is set to the associated query. Sometimes the search query is not captured and the "search_term" field in the pixel is empty.


## Debugging Steps

  1. Reach out to [Bloomreach Support](🔗) for a list of URLs with Search Page View pixels in which the "search_term" field is empty.

  2. You can manually check the example URL to see if the resulting search pixel has an empty "search_term" field.

  3. It is possible that page type from pixel is not search but SUC page type is search. In such a scenario, SUC is broken since it is wrongly classifying non search pages as search pages.

## Common Causes

  • Broken pixel implementation at your end can cause empty "search_term" for certain search queries. It is possible that for the same search query sometimes "search_term" is populated and sometimes it is not. This makes it harder to reproduce this issue. In such cases, request full pixel samples from [Bloomreach Support](🔗).

  • Misclassification by SUC. Sometimes Bloomreach’s SUC classifies “category” pages or “other” pages as “search” pages.

  • In some cases, if “search query” is being redirected to a category page then "search_term" is empty.

  • Sometimes if the user types nothing in the search box and hits enter, the search_term is blank.

  • Sometimes the Search Page View pixel is broken for a certain class of page. For example, all mobile pages, test site pages.

## Solution

  • If SUC is broken, update the SUC rules.

  • If it is a pixel issue, download the examples from the Simple Pixel tool and fix the issue. Reach out to the [Bloomreach Support team](🔗) on how to download the examples on the tool.

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