Site Management Postman Collection


Postman is a popular API development platform. Their client app enables developers to create, save, and execute requests and inspect responses.

Bloomreach provides a Postman collection for the Site Management API in order to make working with the API easier for developers.



  1. Import the brX environment into Postman.
  2. Enter the appropriate values for the brxHost and channelId variables for your environment and save your changes.
  3. Import the Site Management API collection into Postman.
  4. Select the Site Management API collection and open the Authorization tab.
  5. Configure authorization using the following parameter values:
  6. Save your changes.
  7. Before executing any request, make sure the 'brX environment' is selected (in the top right corner).

All requests in the collection are configured to inherit this authorization configuration and will use the brX host and channel ID defined in the brX environment.