**Some of the questions related to login that might arise are as follows:**

  • **Why am I unable to login? **

  • **Why is the password reset link broken?**

  • **Who is the Admin for the environment?**

  • **Why can’t I see anything on the Bloomreach app (tools.bloomreach.com or <client>.bloomreach.io)?**

  • **Why is the Bloomreach link broken?**

You can do the following checks for the above issues with login:

  • Check if the email ID registered with Bloomreach is valid. Some organizations support multiple domains and your organization might be one of them. There is a possibility that your admin registered you with a different domain. Check with your admin.

  • Ensure that your login ID is not disabled or your IP is not flagged by security at Bloomreach. If either of the two is true, reach out to the Bloomreach Security team.

  • An email ID can be registered only once on *.bloomreach.io.

  • If you are redirected to tools.bloomreach.com after a successful first registration or (re)setting your password, login from <client-namespace>.bloomreach.io/cms instead of logging in from tools.bloomreach.com.

  • Check within your organization or with the Bloomreach Support team and find the IAM user of your organization. Get access from the IAM user.

  • Remove any ad blockers.

  • Activate third party cookies (especially for incognito browser mode) to allow Authentication cookies after login. Some extensions might block the requests. Use incognito mode and disable the ‘Block third-party cookies’ button. Ensure that third-party cookies are not blocked. Also see [Frequently Asked Questions](🔗).

  • Try another supported browser or clear the cache, delete the cookies from your current browser and try again.

  • If you continue getting an error message stating ‘You are not authorized to login’ after resetting your password, check if your account has rights. There is a possibility that your account has not been given rights yet.

  • Contact your Bloomreach representative to check if your environment is ready or if Bloomreach services are down. For more information, refer to [Identity and Access Management](🔗) and check Service Status on the <a href="https://support.bloomreach.com/">Support Portal</a>.

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