**1. I am unable to find the content on my page. Where is the data coming from on my page? How do I update the content on my page?**

The following are the possible reasons and answers for the above issues:

  • The content you are searching for could be within a page specific component. Therefore, it is not visible in the Content app or the Documents folder. Open the (X)Page in the Experience manager and click on the page specific component in the Edit mode to view the content and update in line.

  • Use the Document Search app to search for the pages or documents that may contain your content.

  • Check the subfolders within the Content application (for example, Images, Assets, Content Types, etc.) from the Documents drop down on the top left corner of the screen. Whatever you are looking for (content/image/asset) might be there.

  • There is a possibility that the values are hardcoded or default in the Document or Content Type. Contact the original author or CMS developer to avoid any impact on the existing documents.

  • Ensure that your page or document is published (not offline or deleted) with the right versioning and available in Core or your project as expected.

  • If the sitemap in the Experience manager does not display the content on your page as expected, the sitemap is probably configured to use a different page from the one expected. Contact the Bloomreach team or the CMS developers for more assistance.

    • It is also possible that the preview SPA app is using a different API endpoint or using a different logic to display data. Hence, the data displayed is different from what is expected. Contact the front end developers in that case.

For more information, refer to the following:

  • [Overview of Content Apps](🔗)

  • [Create a Page-Specific Component](🔗)

  • [Manage Pages in a Channel](🔗)

**2. How do I copy content from one folder or channel to another? How do I enable content promotion between development/QA environments?**

The following are the possible solutions for the above issues:

  • Copy each document separately instead of copying in bulk. Ensure that all the required configurations and dependencies (linked docs, images, etc.) are also available in the target channel or environment.

  • Refrain from copying a Page as it has can have dependencies and configurations which are not available in target channel and hence copy operation may end up have corrupt data

  • There will be more elegant solution to allow content promotion or bulk export/import in future. Contact your support executive for more details.

For more information, refer to the following:

  • [Create a Document](🔗)

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