New integrations

As of May 2021, all new integrations are required to use [API based catalog feed management](🔗) to send data and perform index updates.

You will need to send Bloomreach an additional feed for each non-English language if one of the following is true:

  • Your website uses multiple languages within a single instance, such as:



  • Your account is for multiple markets (multisite) with local language support, such as:





This allows Bloomreach to process data natively for foreign language search and return the correct data values to you in the API.

## Format

Foreign language feeds should follow the same format and structure as your English language feed, including the following:

  • Single site vs multisite

  • Flat feed (without variants) vs feed with variants

  • Fields and field names

### Default field names

The fields listed in the Product Feed Reference must be provided in English and use those exact field names, such as:

  • <pid>abc-123</pid>

  • <brand>Monier</brand>

English field names can be changed in the Bloomreach Dashboard so that they output to the API in the local language. For example, "brand" can be transformed to "marque".

### Custom field names

Custom fields do not need to be in English, such as:


### Field values

Field values should be provided entirely in the foreign language and not a mixture of languages. For example, a French feed should provide all field values in French. The headers or element names can also be in French for custom fields.

### Feed file name

Bloomreach suggests naming your foreign language feeds using this template:


For example:

  • Prod_English_Full_202006061200.xml.gz

  • Staging_English_Delta_202006061300.xml.gz

  • Prod_French_Full_202006061200.xml.gz

  • Prod_French_Delta_202006061300.xml.gz

## Feed delivery

Each language feed provided to Bloomreach can be processed in parallel. For each language, Bloomreach expects that one full feed to be delivered and processed daily, with hourly delta feeds if required.