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Translations Add-On Release Notes

Bloomreach offers Enterprise support for this feature to Bloomreach Experience customers. The release cycle of this feature may differ from our core product release cycle. 
Using this feature requires an additional license. Please contact your account manager or sales person for more information.


Released: 29 March 2021

    Prevent FTP connector from leaving open connections when retrieving results.


Released: 11 March 2021

  • STAR connector: when processing results fails, add the exception to the error log statements to show the underlying reason.


Released: 5 February 2021


Released: 25 January 2021

    FTP connector: fix for cancellations to remove FTP files again.
    STAR connector: log any exception per incoming result, then continue processing additional results.


Released: 20 January 2021

    Request dialog: remove confirmation message that didn't account for send failures, to be followed up by TRANSLATIONS-309.
    Request dialog: avoid scrollbar and move connector dropdown to the bottom.
    Translations overview: better handling when connector property is missing.
    Bootstrap default values of these new settings in 5.4.10:
    "Overwrite open documents": false
    "Preselect translation targets": true
    Please revisit the settings after upgrade if needed.


Released: 14 January 2021


Released: 11 January 2021


Released: 30 December 2020

  • TRANSLATIONS-300 Various bug fixes:
    • Missing wicket label 'submission-name' causing the input field for the project name to not appear.
    • XTM backend does not accept certain characters as project name, such as "™, ’".
    • A bug in advanced search side of the plugin: When multiple documents are selected for translation the document names would not be visible in the XTM UI although the content would be correct.


Released: 18 December 2020


Released: 15 December 2020


Released: 1 December 2020


Released: 6 November 2020


Released: 2 November 2020

    Added support for translation window dialog extension. Globallink now allows setting of project, submission name, priority, due date and notes per translation request.
    Added support for multiple translation connectors.
This might require some upgrade steps, please see below!

Upgrade steps for 5.3.0

The configuration for multiple connectors is different. The new configuratIon will be bootstrapped automatically. However, if you have bootstrap data in your project that assumes the old configation, you might need to change this to match the new configuration.

The connector config has moved from
/hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/translation-services-daemon/hippo:moduleconfig/translationsaddon:connector to .../translationsaddon:connector-{connector name}, such as translationsaddon:connector-livewords or translationsaddon:connector-globallink

Existing translation jobs should be updated. All nodes of type translationsaddon:job have a property translationsaddon:connector (String) with a value matching the connector class name (LivewordsTranslationConnector, TesterTranslationConnector, GlobalLinkTranslationConnector, etc). This property can be added manually in the console or created by a simple Groovy Updater Script.

In order to upgrade, please follow the steps below:

  1. Change all references of /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/translation-services-daemon/hippo:moduleconfig/translationsaddon:connector
    in your bootstrap yaml files to /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/translation-services-daemon/hippo:moduleconfig/translationsaddon:connector-{connector name}.
    Make sure that any configurations that are not in bootstrap yaml files are moved on the various environments as well. Think URLs and passwords, environment-specific subnodes.
  2. Remove any connector configurations you do not wish to use.
  3. Update all nodes of type translationsaddon:job, add the property translationsaddon:connector (String) if it does not exist with a value matching the connector class name (LivewordsTranslationConnector, TesterTranslationConnector, GlobalLinkTranslationConnector, etc). 
    Note: from version 5.4.11 upwards, the overview dashboard is more robust against any missing property.


Released: 1 July 2020

    In the Star connector, add a star.jobGroups configuration property. It specifies a comma-separated list of job group names to accept when polling for ready jobs.


Released: 7 May 2020


Released: 3 April 2020

    Improvement in the STAR connector: the sent file name is now the document name instead of the id.
    Improvement in the STAR connector: the mapping from standard ISO locales to Microsoft LDIC locales is moved from a coded utility to the connector property star.localesMap, see also the Star connector.
    In the yaml bootstrapping of the advanced search UI part,  use "add" operation instead of overriding property /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/cms-advanced-search/workflowPlugin/workflow.categories.


Released: 6 February 2020


See here for the release notes for versions 4.x on Bloomreach Experience 13.


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