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Configuration Management


For version 12, BloomReach Experience Manager’s mechanisms for managing the repository data have been significantly redesigned in order to facilitate a great number of improvements for BloomReach Experience Manager developers. This includes bootstrapping, base-lining, and separation and migration of configuration and content, both stored in the repository. 

In order to accommodate these improvements in BloomReach Experience Manager 12, the previous, XML-based bootstrapping mechanism has been refactored. As of BloomReach Experience Manager 12, to-be-bootstrapped configuration and content is specified in YAML 1.1 format. Doing so makes these resources easier to read and maintain.

Pieces of configuration and content are contributed to a BloomReach Experience Manager implementation from BloomReach Experience Manager’s building blocks (referred to as BloomReach Experience Manager), as well as from implementation-specific code. BloomReach Experience Manager aggregates them into a merged in-memory model of the configuration, taking into account the specified processing ordering. This results in a Configuration Model, which can then be pushed into the repository, compared to the configuration in the repository, saved, loaded and restored as a baseline configuration, and much more. We can think of this Configuration Model as a controlled version of the configuration.

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