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Delivery Tier Component Development



Learn how to develop delivery tier components.


BloomReach Experience Manager's delivery tier (a.k.a. HST) uses a Hierarchical Model-View-Controller pattern. Pages consist of a hierarchy of MVC components. The Controller-part of a BloomReach Experience Manager MVC component is implemented by a Java class implementing the  org.hippoecm.hst.core.component.HstComponent interface. BloomReach Experience Manager includes many standard components that can be used and extended.

Developing Delivery Tier Components

Follow the tutorial

A great way to learn about components is to follow the Build a Website tutorial. The Develop New Features chapter uses standard components to implement a new "products" feature. See for example:

Understand the Basics

The following pages explain how components are implemented and configured:

Use the Standard Components

Use or extend standard components whenever possible in order to avoid duplicate code, use BloomReach Experience Manager best practices and optimize consistency between projects:

Learn about Advanced Component Development Topics