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Prepare the Project

This documentation applies to BloomReach Cloud 2 only
This BloomReach Cloud tutorial assumes you are using BloomReach Experience Manager 13. If you are using an earlier version, some steps may differ from what is described here.

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In this step, you will create a BloomReach Experience Manager project, add the Relevance Module and the News feature, release the project, and package it in a distribution file.

Create the Example Project

Follow the steps below (i.e. click on the links) to create the project.

Create a project using the BloomReach Experience Manager Maven archetype.

Build and run the project.

Open the Essentials application at:


On the opening screen, under Project Settings, check Make use of Enterprise features:

From the library, add the following features to the project:

  • BloomReach Cloud (BloomReach Experience Manager 13 only, if using version 12, add Experience Project and Lucene Index Exporter instead)
  • News

Rebuild and restart the project.

Open the site at:


Click on the "news" menu item to verify that the News feature is working properly.

Create a Distribution

To be able to deploy the project in an BloomReach Cloud environment it must be packaged as a distribution. In your project's root directory enter the following commands:

mvn clean verify
mvn -P dist

This creates a distribution file in the target directory:


In the next step, you will upload this file to BloomReach Cloud and deploy it in an environment.

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