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Open UI extensions of the CMS

It is possible to extend the UI of BloomReach Experience Manager with extra tools for pages in the Channel Manager. Such a page tool is an application that is either packaged and deployed with the project, or runs on a different server. Tools are shown in the right side panel of the Channel Manager inside an iframe. A JavaScript library is available that can be used for communication between the Channel Manager and the page tool.

A page tool can for example show extra information about a page that is shown in the Channel Manager.

Read more on how to configure a page tool and how to develop a page tool, and follow the Develop a Custom Page Tool tutorial.

By default Open UI Extensions are available for users in the webmaster group.

When at least one page tool is configured a new menu item appears in the Channel Manager.

When it is used the page tool(s) are shown in the right side panel.

In future versions more extension points will be added.