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BloomReach Experience Manager Enterprise Maven Repository Manual

This BloomReach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact BloomReach for more information.

Your Account

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Browsing the BloomReach Experience Manager Maven Repositories

There is a web interface which makes all the artifacts browseable and searchable: BloomReach Experience Manager Maven Repository. To browse the enterprise repository, log in with the credentials supplied to you. You can find the log in at the top right corner.


The repository address is:

Enterprise Maven 2 & 3

To access the repository you will have to supply your username and password.

Configure you Local Maven Settings

Update your local Maven settings. On a Unix-based system, these can be found at ~/.m2/settings.xml.

To the <servers> section, add a <server> entry with the id hippo-maven2-enterprise and your credentials (replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with the credentials provided to you):


To the default profile in the <profiles> section, add the details for the BloomReach Experience Manager enterprise Maven repository as follows:

          <name>Hippo Maven 2 Enterprise</name>