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Install brX GraphQL Service

This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.



Install the brX GraphQL Service and connect it to the Commerce Backend Platform.


The brX GraphQL Service is designed as an out-of-the-box GraphQL Server to integrate with the Commerce Backend Platform and Bloomreach Search & Merchandising.

This page explains how to set up the brX GraphQL Service in your environment.

Download brX GraphQL Service Package

The brX GraphQL Service package is available in the Bloomreach Experience Manager Enterprise Maven repository.

Log in at

Point your browser to

Pick the appropriate release (version number of the format X.Y.Z) and open the corresponding folder.

Download the graphql-connector-service-X.Y.Z-project.tar.gz (or .tar.bz2 or .zip) source distribution and extract it to a folder in your environment.

Build brX GraphQL Service Project

Open a command line console and move to the folder where you've extracted the download file.

Execute the following to install the dependencies:

npm install

Now execute the following to build the project:

npm run build

Create Environment File

The brX GraphQL Service requires an environment configuration file named ".env" in the project root folder. This environment configuration file contains the connection information to the Commerce Backend Platform and other configuration options. Therefore, you should edit the file with correct information to make it work. See Configure brX GraphQL Service for details.

For now, let's just copy the .env.dist file to .env file in the project root folder to complete the installation steps.

When you update the .env file with correct information later, you don't need to build the project again. You can just restart the server to apply the new configuration.

Run brX GraphQL Service

Execute the following to start the service:

npm run start

If you see a log like "🚀 Server (graphql-commerce-connector-service:X.Y.Z ... ready at port ..." without any error, then the server is ready to serve.

You can type Ctrl-C or interrupt the process to stop the service.

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