Rebuild & Restart the Project - BloomReach Experience - Open Source CMS

This article covers a Hippo CMS version 12. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Rebuild & Restart the Project

Rebuilding and restarting the web applications (WARs) for your project.

Rebuilding and restarting is a normal part of the setup workflow. By rebuilding and restarting, you pull desired features into the dashboard and make them available on your BloomReach Experience Manager project.

The Dashboard indicates when there is a need (by some plugin) to rebuild and restart the project. When you click on the rebuild indication in the upper right corner, you go to the rebuild page, explaining why, when and how to rebuild your project.

In short, you rebuild and restart on the commandline or in your IDE. On the commandline, the commands to execute are

mvn verify
mvn -Drepo.path=storage

The setup application implemets a pinger mechanism detecting when the back-end is down. It then displays an "unavailable" status message.

When the pinger finds that the backend is back up, it reboots the UI, and you will typically find yourself back on the Installed features page.

If a feature is fully installed and provides a configuration screen, you can now go and configure the feature.

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