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This article covers a Hippo CMS version 11. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Build the Project

Build the web applications (WARs) for your project.
Now would be a good moment to put your project under version control. Doing this before you tell Maven to build your project helps you distinguish project files from generated files.

You build your project in the root folder of your project, using the following command:

cd myhippoproject
mvn clean verify 

This will produce three JAR files and three WAR files:

  • bootstrap/configuration/target/myhippoproject-bootstrap-configuration-1.01.00-SNAPSHOT.jar
  • bootstrap/content/target/myhippoproject-bootstrap-content-1.01.00-SNAPSHOT.jar
  • bootstrap/webfiles/target/myhippoproject-bootstrap-webfiles-1.01.00-SNAPSHOT.jar

  • cms/target/cms.war
  • site/target/site.war
  • essentials/target/essentials.war

The CMS module has dependencies on the bootstrap-configuration, bootstrap-content and bootstrap-webfiles JARs so that they are packaged with the CMS WAR. When the CMS WAR is started up for the first time, the configuration settings and sample content from these JAR files are loaded into the repository.

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