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This article covers a Hippo CMS version 11. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.



Familiar Environment

As a Java developer you will feel at home in a familiar Java development environment using Maven builds and your favorite IDE (e.g. Eclipse or IntelliJ) and continuous integration server (e.g. Jenkins). Manage your Java objects using Spring Framework, write your templates in JSP or Freemarker. Hippo uses and supports the technologies and frameworks you know and love.

Great Tool Support

On top of your usual development environment we provide Hippo-specific tools to make your life easier.

Our Maven archetype and setup application will aid in creating and scaffolding your own Hippo-based project by adding and configuring out-of-the-box features from our plugin library. Tools include automatic model generation from your content types and RESTful service configuration. Once up and running our Console application gives full access to the content repository, including all system configuration. Last but not least Web Files enable a fast development cycle for your Freemarker templates and static resources like Javascript and CSS files without the need for any third-party hot deployment agent.

Sound Architectural Design

We designed our architecture around sound design principles such as separation of concerns, single responsibility, extensibility, substitutability and interface segregation.

Content and presentation are cleanly separated and our delivery tier uses the Hierarchical Model-View-Controller architectural pattern, where auto-generated models and out-of-the-box controllers are extensible and replaceable, and views can be modified on-the-fly.

Our workflow can be hooked into through the Hippo Event Bus which uses the whiteboard pattern for reliable listener registration and guaranteed event delivery.

Built-in support for the REST architectural style allows integration across your enterprise architecture and the web using simple scalable web services.

Configurable Delivery Tier

Hippo’s delivery tier is extremely configurable: URLs, pages, components, templates and navigation structures can be reconfigured by webmasters and marketeers on-the-fly right in the Channel Manager. No development and no redeployment required. This lets you, the developer, empower your end-users so you can focus on development of new features.

Support for any frontend technology through the use of RESTful services allows leveraging your organization’s existing technology stack and in-house developer expertise.

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