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September 21, 2018

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April 6, 2018

[Developer Meetup] Performance Tuning LAB



On the 5th of April 2018, BloomReach hosted another great developer meetup in the Amsterdam office! Developers from all over the Netherlands joined to hear all about performance tuning of BloomReach Experience.

Over pizza & beer, there were great discussions about the methodology used in the performance tuning workshop and how a struggling customer went from 8 outages per day to a stable performance.

We covered insights from BloomReachs novel performance tuning workshop and the performance identification, metrics and methodology that Minos Chatzidakis created as well as performance tuning and tooling and how they have been applied at a customer by Kenan Salic, followed by drinks and mingling.


If you missed the meetup, check out the recordings below: 


// Performance Workshop Secrets - Minos Chatzidakis

Minos Chatzidakis dives into why performance tuning is important and how BloomReach is tackling it. A focus will be on performance identification, metrics and methodology as well as performance tuning and tooling.


// How a customer increased performance dramatically - Kenan Salic

A hands-on example of how impactful performance tuning can be. Kenan Salic highlights the process of three classifications levels which can be investigated for optimal performance analysis and how they have been applied at a customer:

  • Infra level Analysis
  • Product Usage and Configuration Analysis
  • Application Analysis

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