Release 1.251

Check out our latest improvements for an enhanced experience with new Analytics Notifications, Scenario node renaming, and Project categorization. Some integrations have been updated too! Read more in the post.

Stay updated with Analytics Notifications

Get notified about important updates in your data. With Analytics Notifications, you can create notifications for any Metric. Want to stay on top of your Sign-up form health, for instance? Set up a notification for fewer than 100 sign-ups a day to signal an issue in the Sign-up form. With live updates every 24 hours, get better control over your data!

Flexible Node Renaming

Enhance your workflow with our updated feature: Flexible Node Renaming. Until now, the scenario node names were fixed, meaning you couldn’t customize their names.
However, with this update, you have the power to rename or revert to default name nodes like Repeat, On Event, Wait, and On Date This increased flexibility can help in scenario management, providing clear labels for better tracking and process flow.


We implemented this update based on your idea via our Bloomreach Community Slack. Great shoutout to you helping us improve Bloomreach Engagement!

New Project Categorization

We're thrilled to introduce 'Customer Project Categorization' in our Engagement App. This new feature significantly enhances your project management experience. With categories like "Development", "Production" and "Test", identifying your projects has never been easier. Avoid unnecessary searches through project names and get straight to your desired projects with our Project Categorizer feature. Learn more about it here.

Improved Consent Management in Klaviyo Integration

This update fixes previous inconsistencies in consent statuses caused by Klaviyo API. It also reflects changes to Klaviyo’s consent management on a profile level and statuses like Never Subscribed or Suppression detail are now part of our integration.

Shopify API Version has been Updated

With this release, we have updated the Shopify API version to 2023-10 for the Shopify integration.

Make sure to update your Custom App inside your Shopify account. To do so, go to Settings > Apps and sales channels > Develop apps > Select your existing private app > Configuration > Select '2023-10' under Webhook API version > Save changes.

In this version, Shopify decided to deprecate the processing_method which is an attribute inside purchase events and it is no longer available due to orders supporting multiple transactions with various processing methods, so the field contained incorrect data. Find more details here.

SDKs updates

The new release of iOS SDK 2.20.0 has been delivered and contains:

  • In-app content blocks with deferred load and onContentReady listener
  • Fixed: Xcode 14.2 compiler issue for capture of isDebugModeEnabled

Android SDK 3.10.0 brings:

  • In-app content blocks listener for event when content is loaded and ready to show
  • Push notification permission request usage example added to documentation for Android 13 (API 33)
  • SDK configuration extended with allowWebViewCookies param to allow cookies usage for WebView
  • Fixed: Source code contains small lint issues

The new ReactNative SDK 1.6.0 has been contains:

  • In-app content block feature has been added into SDK
  • ReactNative support increased to 0.72.7
  • Anonymize feature has been described with more details in documentation
  • PUSH notification Payload structure has been documented
  • PUSH handling described with more details in documentation
  • Tracking of PUSH token has been described with more details in documentation
  • Fixed: HMS token usage example in docu misused methods for GMS