Release 1.247

Manage your subscriptions better with the new Recharge integration and customize your tags. Discover more about exciting new merchandising features in our latest release! Read more in the post.

Manage Your Subscriptions Better with the New Recharge Integration

Integration with Recharge aims to enhance the customer experience by connecting the subscription management capabilities of Recharge with the powerful personalization and content management features of Bloomreach Engagement.

You can set up transactional messages directly to your customers and use the subscription data for better insights in Reports and Analytics.

Elevate Your Experience with the Application Tags upgrade

Discover our upgraded tagging feature designed to elevate your experience. Now, you can easily edit, merge, bulk, and change the color of tags. Explore new functions like a project-level tag screen, universal tag renaming, tag merging, and bulk tag actions. This update boosts productivity, reduces errors, and simplifies asset management.

SDKs updates

The new releases of Maui SDK 0.1.0, 0.2.0 and 1.0.0 bring:

  • Added base API
  • Added tracking API
  • Android native SDK 3.7.1
  • iOS native SDK 2.18.0
  • In-app messages support added
  • Push notifications support added
  • App Inbox support added
  • Fetch Consents and Recommendations support added