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JFY module

Just for You (JFY) is a Bloomreach personalization feature. JFY includes two components:

  • Product Recommendations is a service that returns personalized product recommendations based on your customer's browsing history.

  • Dynamic Categories is a service that returns personalized recommended categories with sample products based on your customer's browsing patterns. 

All personalization services come with cross-device linking, a Bloomreach patented technology that links the same user across different devices.

Analogous to search, JFY is a type of request. Analogous to keyword and category, which are subtypes of search, Product Recommendations and Dynamic Categories are subtypes of JFY.



Other than the standard integration, there are no additional requirements to enable this feature. During the integration testing phase, however, pay special attention to the proper settings and passing of _br_uid_2 cookie, which is essential to all Bloomreach personalization features.


How JFY works

Through the pixel on your pages, Bloomreach tracks your customer's activities through the _br_uid_2. For a customer with three qualified activities, the personalized content for JFY content is enabled. A qualified activity is a customer activity tracked by Bloomreach on a valid product. A valid product is an in stock-item with a product ID and price.

Product Recommendations content can serve up to 20 products. To generate personalized recommendations for a given customer, Bloomreach examines that customer's browsing history, and identifies products that have similar browsing patterns by similar customers. The recommendations automatically update as that customer browses more products. 

Dynamic Categories content can serve up to five Dynamic Categories, each with up to 15 products, ranked by RPV (revenue per visit). Dynamic Categories are derived by looking at the customer's browsed products’ categories, brands and on-sale statuses (Boolean). The tuples (category, brand, sale) with the highest number of activities become the customer's personalized Dynamic Categories. In addition to being dynamic to customer activities, the recommended categories and products of Dynamic Categories are dynamic to changes in the category tree, product availability, price, and product performance. As your customer browses more products, the recommendations become richer and more relevant.


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