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This article covers a Hippo CMS version 10. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.


Hippo Plugins

Hippo CMS has a pluggable architecture and many additional features are available as plugins. Hippo provides three levels of support for plugins:

A default or standard plugin meets Hippo quality standards, is properly documented, and is tested against each new Hippo CMS release and updated if necessary.

Certified Plugins promoted to Standard Plugins in Hippo 10.0

Hippo 10.0 brings some notable changes regarding Certified Plugins (as they were known up to Hippo 7.9):

  • The development and support for the Certified Plugins have been further aligned with Hippo CMS and the setup application, and these plugins have been promoted to Standard Plugins.
  • As Standard Plugins, they are regarded as integral but optional part of the Hippo product and thus receive the same level of support and quality assurance.
  • To be able to provide and support this alignment and integration, the development of the Standard Plugins has been moved to and continued in the  Hippo open source code repository.
  • The documentation for the Standard Plugins also has been moved to and integrated in the community website at www.onehippo.org.
  • The code, documentation and maintenance of the Certified Plugins for Hippo 7.9 and earlier remains at the Hippo Forge.
  • Although the Maven coordinates (groupId, artifiactId) of the Standard Plugins have been changed to reflect these changes, there are no code or configuration changes as result of this move.

The Tag Cloud Management Plugin has not been promoted to Standard Plugin and therefore became community supported only through the Hippo Forge as of Hippo 10.0.
Finally, the Selections plugin has been promoted to default plugin: it is configured by default for new projects through the Maven archetype, like the Gallery Picker and the Resource Bundle Editor plugins.   


Hippo Default Plugins

Default plugins are developed and supported by Hippo, and they are already included in the Maven archetype used to start Hippo projects and no additional installation steps through the  setup application are required.

Hippo Standard Plugins in the Hippo Setup application/Feature Library

Standard plugins are developed and supported by Hippo, and can be  added to your project from the feature library in Hippo's  setup application.

Community Plugins at Hippo Forge

Community plugins are maintained by the Hippo community. It is up to the community to make sure the plugins meet quality standards, are properly documented, and are tested against each new Hippo CMS release.  

The following community plugins are frequently used in Hippo CMS projects (alphabetically ordered):

As part of Hippo's Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Forms provides additional functionality over Easy Forms such as multi-page forms, easy grouping of fields and reuse of those groups across fields, conditional form fields, more flexible field validation and many usability improvements. The Hippo 7.9 documentation includes migration instructions from Easy Forms to Enterprise forms. Starting July 1, 2014, Easy Forms is a Community plugin. Easy Forms are not actively maintained any more.
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