Content Release 20210505 - Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud - The Headless Digital Experience Platform Built for Commerce

Content Release 20210505

We are constantly making improvements to Bloomreach Content. In this release, we added the new Page Campaign feature, fixed several bugs, and made improvements to the user experience and the Page Delivery API.

This release will be rolled out to customer environments in the next weeks.

🚀 Improvements

  • UI improvements
    • Added project menu options to the page menu for pages that are part of a project.
    • Added tooltips to the +Page button and new options in the page menu.
    • From a project's Content tab, a page document will now be opened in the Experience manager instead of in the Content app.
  • Page Delivery API improvements
    • Added a new endpoint to retrieve a list of channels (/delivery/site/v1/channels).
    • Added a new endpoint to check alive status of Delivery APIs (/delivery/site).

🎉 New Features

  • Page campaigns 
    • The new Page Campaign feature enables site editors to schedule an alternative version of a page to be served on the live website from a specified start date and optionally until a specified end date.
    • A page without a specified end date will stay live until a new campaign for that page starts or until an end date is added.
    • It is now possible to rename page versions.
    • It is now easier to set-up campaigns in advance as you can prepare multiple go-live dates on pages before the first scheduled publication date.

🐛Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the navigation menus couldn’t be opened in a new tab.
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements for the projects feature in relation to development projects.
  • Fixed a bug in the document type editor causing required fields to throw an error when not filled.
  • Various minor UI bugs were resolved.
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