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Content Release 20210714

We are constantly making improvements to Bloomreach Content. This release contains one new feature and several improvements and bug fixes. There are three known issues that will be fixed in upcoming releases.

This release will be rolled out to customer environments in the next weeks.

Please note that Reference SPA moved to a new Github location:

🎉 New Features

  • This release adds page-specific components. Page-specific component instances are fully self-contained and include content of a predefined content type, removing the component's dependency on a separate document with its own lifecycle. It's now possible for an Experience page and all component instances and content on that page to share a single lifecycle, simplifying the workflow to publish the page.

🚀 Improvements

  • Reference SPA improvements:
    • The Maps component now uses a search query in addition to latitude and longitude so that the map is automatically centered on the top result, and now includes different templates to select the map type (map, terrain, hybrid, or satellite).
    • Improved error messaging for many components.

🐛Bug Fixes

  • When switching between the core project and a developer project in the Experience manager, the component overlay and the sitemap and components tray are now properly rendered and functional.
  • Copying a document of an unpublished document type within a development project no longer results in an error message.
  • Unpublished content changes in a document are now properly rendered inline instead of in separate blocks.
  • The Publish (request) option in the Page menu i the Experience manager is now enabled when this action is available.
  • It's now possible to deselect options in dynamic dropdown fields when editing content.
  • The application does not crash anymore when making changes to existing document types.
  • Several minor cosmetic UI issues have been fixed.
  • Dynamic dropdowns in a document in a project context now show the published resource bundle key-value pairs.

💥 Known Issues

  • As a developer, when merging a development project with document type changes for page-specific components, the Experience manager needs to be refreshed to see newly created components reflected in the component catalog.
  • Updating the content type of a page-specific component is currently not supported. Although the REST API call will succeed, the Experience manager is currently unable to handle such an update.
  • The following content field types are currently not supported and/or not fully functional for page-specific components:
    • Resource bundle
    • Taxonomy
    • Resource upload
    • Upload widget for the image picker
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