Release 1.259

Connect and manage your integrations more easily with Omniconnect, find out more about the integration of ResDiary and more!


With Omniconnect, you can say goodbye to cumbersome manual API calls and reliance on third-party middleware solutions. Omniconnect allows you to connect and manage integrations with any 3rd party platform using webhooks.

  • Easily integrate various data sources without deep coding knowledge.
  • Eliminate the need for dependence on external middleware.
  • Customize data sent to Bloomreach, including attributes, events, or purchases.

Learn more about Omniconnect in our documentation.


We're glad to announce the integration of ResDiary, a top-tier reservation and table management system, with Bloomreach Engagement. This combination equips restaurants and hospitality businesses with the necessary tools to streamline operations and optimize guest experiences. ResDiary Integration brings you:

  • Real-Time Booking Events and Consent Events: ResDiary integration facilitates bringing booking events and consent events from ResDiary in real time to Bloomreach.
  • Enhanced Customer Attributes: Integration with ResDiary allows customer attributes to be better captured, offering more in-depth customer insights through our segmentations.

Learn more about ResDiary and how you can set up this integration in our documentation.

SDKs updates

The release of iOS SDK 2.25.0 contains:

  • In-app message load refactoring (show on the first load etc.)
  • Logging for In-app content blocks is extended
  • Privacy manifest added
  • Fixed: Some of the variables missing self so it is not possible to compile SDK with XCode 14.2
  • Fixed: Documentation contains invalid URLs and incorrect info about default session timeout duration
  • Fixed: The App Inbox provider setter disable AppInboxButton, so it is not possible to click on it

The release of iOS SDK 2.25.1 delivers:

  • Fixed: SDK Privacy manifest file is not linked correctly in bundle

The new release of iOS SDK 2.25.2 contains:

  • Fixed: Privacy manifest file is not linked correctly for SPM usage

The new release of React Native SDK 1.7.0delivers:

  • ReactNative support increased to 0.73.6
  • In-app content blocks behavior handler added
  • Android PUSH notification permission request support
  • Fixed: Duplicate projectToken in configuration example in docu