Release 1.253

Enhance your campaign analyses from multiple projects simultaneously with our new Account-level Dashboards! Read more about this feature and many others in the post.

Identify your Scenarios more easily with the Comfort View

Seeing long Scenario names on smaller screens can be challenging, especially with initiatives and tags. We addressed this issue by introducing the ability to toggle between Standard and Comfort views. The Comfort view provides more space for the names, improving readability. However, you can switch back anytime if you prefer the original display.

New Easy-to-Use Building Canvas in Reports

Upgraded Drilldowns in the Table Section

We’ve enhanced the table section with the drill-down icons. Now, you can add any drilldown attribute directly from this section without the need to scroll up to the definition part. This improvement is designed to make feature selection more intuitive and efficient.

New Initial Configuration of Reports

We've changed the default state of reports in response to your habits and needs. Most reports leverage a timeline, therefore, the new default report state has been set to reflect this usage.

The new configuration includes:

  • Metrics
    • Count events
  • Drilldowns
    • Timestamp

This update will reduce the number of clicks necessary to create reports and streamline the process ta achieve a timeline-based report.

Analyse multiple Projects at once with Account-level Dashboards

We're excited to announce the launch of our new feature, Account-Level Dashboards. Created with a singular focus on your multi-project management needs, this feature is designed to help users managing multiple projects catering to different markets, countries, or brands.

Key Features:

  • Unified Analytical View: Account-Level Dashboards offer a consolidated analytical perspective aimed at tracking the performance of your channels and campaigns seamlessly across all projects from your account.
  • Streamlined Monitoring Process: This feature simplifies the way you monitor project progress, leading to efficient project management procedures.
  • Effective Analysis : With a comprehensive view of your multi-project landscape, your analysis becomes more accurate and effective.

For more information, please refer to our documentation.

Real Time Catalog Updates in Shopify – Integration Upgrade V3.0

Switch from every 4 hours catalogs update to real time updates!

Upgrade to the latest version of the Shopify integration 3.0 and benefit from the real time catalogs updates. All integrations created before September 2023, which can see the following notification on their shopify integration page, can now upgrade their integrations to V3.

The upgrade is safe and won't affect your data and flow.

Project Structure Templates

We're excited to introduce Project Structure Templates in Bloomreach Engagement. This feature lets you create new projects seamlessly using predefined templates, saving time and effort. With Project Structure Templates, you can select a ready-to-use layout to start your projects faster.

This is especially useful if you work with recurring structure designs, cutting down repetitious tasks and saving valuable time. Now, replicating specific project structures is easier than ever. Learn more here.

One-Click Unsubscribe

In response to Gmails and Yahoo's new requirements, we have enhanced the 'List Unsubscribe' feature in Bloomreach Engagement. This update aims to strengthen the sender's reputation and email delivery.

The upgraded feature simplifies email preference management for your recipients, lowers the risk of being marked as spam, and aligns marketing practices with industry regulations. All emails you send must now include a clear, easy-to-access, one-click unsubscribe option to comply with these new rules.

We aim to provide a seamlessly compliant and secure email marketing platform, enhancing your performance metrics.

Explore more about the updated 'One-Click Unsubscribe ' feature here.

SDKs updates

The new release of Android SDK 3.11.2 contains:

  • Bug Fixed: Invoking of In-app content blocks behaviour callback from outside is not reflected to local flags about showing and interaction

The release of iOS SDK 2.21.3 brings:

  • Bug Fixed: Invoking of In-app content blocks behaviour callback from outside is not reflected to local flags about showing and interaction

The release of Xamarin SDK 1.2.4 contains:

  • Bug Fixed: iOS SDK part contains embed frameworks that are denied by AppStore upload process