Release 1.255

Read more about the SDKs updates!

Release 1.254

Learn how to supercharge your personalization even further with Personalization Tags!

Release 1.253

Enhance your campaign analyses from multiple projects simultaneously with our new Account-level Dashboards! Read more about this feature and many others in the post.

Release 1.252

Enhance your omnichannel engagement by reaching out to customers via WhatsApp Native integration! Read more in the post.

SDKs Updates

There were only minor bug fixes, tweaks, and other smaller improvements. But check out the latest SDK updates by reading the post!

Release 1.251

Check out our latest improvements for an enhanced experience with new Analytics Notifications, Scenario node renaming, and Project categorization. Some integrations have been updated too! Read more in the post.

Release 1.250

We are going to introduce an update to the Custom Recipient soon and would love to know from you whether and how it will impact your workflow. Read more about the forthcoming upgrade in this post.

Release 1.249

This release includes no major features or updates, but stay tuned for future release announcements! Read more in the post.

Release 1.248

Update your catalog items faster with two new Bulk Update API endpoints and gain actionable insights with enhanced user experience in Reports! Read more in the post.

Release 1.247

Manage your subscriptions better with the new Recharge integration and customize your tags. Discover more about exciting new merchandising features in our latest release! Read more in the post.