Release 1.257

Check out our exciting new features that span from enhancing your security even more and understanding your usage more clearly in your dashboard!

Send transactional messages through SMS

Bloomreach already allows you to send out transactional emails, and now you can also send transactional SMS via our API. It is a method of customer communication in which automated, real-time messages are sent to users through SMS after a specific action has been performed within an application or website. Learn more about this feature in our documentation.

Add more security with an access lock for dashboards and reports

Bloomreach Engagement already allows locking scenarios and segmentations for only a selected group of users. We are now bringing these options also for reports and dashboards. Please check our documentation for more details.

Understand your usage better with a Project type filter

When you're managing multiple projects, it can be difficult to understand what part of usage comes from a production or development project. We've incorporated a feature in the account usage dashboard that allows you to view usage for only a selected category of project. This will make it easier to understand your usage.

SDKs updates

The release of Flutter SDK 1.6.0 contains:

  • Added In-app messages callback handler to define your customized message action handling
  • Android PUSH notification permission request support
  • Documentation extended with PUSH notification payload structure description, PUSH handling and more
  • Anonymize feature has been described with more details in documentation