Release 1.256

Check out exciting new integrations, Analytics notifications, and smoother navigation, and much more!

Personalize your communication more by integrating Mews

Integrate Mews with Bloomreach Engagement to automatically transfer your reservation details, including historical data and customer information. This integration allows you to personalize marketing communication based on up-to-date booking information, resulting in better personalized experiences and more opportunities for further upsell and cross-sell. Read more about the integration and how to set it up in our guide.

Set up frontend tracking using Shopify Web Pixel with a few clicks

Shopify Web Pixel tracks even those events that happen on the Checkout page. Therefore, it is the ideal solution as a response to the Shopify deprecation of checkout files.

Shopify Web Pixel is part of our official app inside the Shopify App Store. Therefore, re-authorising via the official app is a precondition. Learn more about the Shopify Web Pixel and the re-authorization in our documentation.

Smoother navigation with a New Definition & Attribute Picker

We are introducing a new look of our Definition and Event picker used over the whole platform.
The new picker makes navigation much faster when picking events, attributes, properties, or definitions you want to use. You can quickly and easily pick the right definition or attribute you are looking for.

Get notified about your metric changes with Analytics Notifications

Analytics Notifications lets you create a notification for any metric in Bloomreach Engagement, with quantitative rules designed to keep you informed on your data. The Bloomreach analytical engine checks the condition and calculates the metric every hour.

With this feature, you can get notified about significant changes in your metrics. For instance, if events stop being tracked or if certain segments contain fewer customers than before. For more information, explore our documentation.

New notifications about the integration status

There’s a new notification in the Notification center that informs you about the availability of an integration. For example, the Notification center will now notify you when your integration Key has expired. This holds for integrations that support these checks.

SDKs updated

The release of Xamarin SDK 1.2.5 contains:

  • Fixed: App Inbox Data API wrong casting causing crashes for empty Inbox
  • Fixed: App Inbox markAsRead not working on Android