1.265 Product Tags in Shopify and Carousel View in In-App Content Blocks

Discover the latest updates: Support for Product Tags on Shopify, Carousel View in In-App Content Blocks, along with other enhancements to the Mobile SDK.

New Product Tags in Shopify

We're thrilled to announce our latest feature: Support for Product Tags! Now, you can enhance your product data, power up your recommendation engine, and enrich your analytics with insightful product information from Shopify. Learn more about this feature in our documentation.

New Mobile SDK Releases for iOS, Android, and React Native

We released new versions of our iOS (2.27.0 and 2.27.1), Android (3.15.0), and React Native (1.8.2) mobile SDKs, which allow developers to integrate Bloomreach Engagement in their mobile apps.

The new iOS and Android SDK releases add support for multiple In-App Content Blocks in the same placeholder using a carousel view. The SDK will loop through the content blocks one at a time in order of the configured Priority. These releases also add improved support for customized In-App Message behavior using callback methods.

Additionally, each of the SDK releases adds improvements and bug fixes.

Please note that as of iOS SDK version 2.27.0, the minimum required iOS version has been increased to 13.

Find out more about all the changes in these SDK releases in the release notes for the iOS SDK, Android SDK, and React Native SDK.