🚀 Release 2024-12

Release Date: February 14, 2024

This release features a new use case for Visual Search, an elevated Catalog Settings experience, and improvements to Discovery features, including AB Testing.

🎉 Feature Updates

Visual Search: Power PDP pages with Visual Recommendations

Exciting news for Visual Search customers! Visual Search now supports a new use case that elevates the shoppers’ search experience on the product display page (PDP).

What’s New
Shoppers can now perform Visual Search on the PDP. The search engine identifies the products and returns an array of recommendations that complement the desired look. It's like having a personal stylist at the shopper’s fingertips! It guides and inspires shoppers to discover the perfect recommendations that match their unique style.

How does this work on the API end

A Visual Search request is made directly using Item ID and SKU ID. As the Visual Search request is made for an existing product in the feed, there is no need to call the Upload API.

Visit the documentation article to learn more.

NOTE: This use case is available via the API. In future iterations, we will introduce the dashboard capability to preview visual recommendations with a PID/SKU ID input.

Catalog Settings is now Generally Available

We are excited to share that Catalog Settings is now generally available! We have also added several improvements to the feature to ease and enhance your workflow. These improvements include enhanced error handling, messaging, and user interface refinements.


AB Testing: Track Unique Users in Test Results

We have added a column, “Unique Users,” on the AB tests Test result page. This new report populates the total unique users in the respective bucket for the duration of the A/B test. It's a great tool to see how many new visitors are discovering your site versus how many are coming back.

Visit the documentation article to learn more.

🐛Bug fixes

  1. Cloning configurations: There were issues in cloning configurations across environments when the target account was missing in the source environment. We have resolved this issue to ensure seamless cloning.
  2. Multi-site bulk product selection: We have improved the functionality of bulk PID selection at the Sitegroup level. Earlier, the selection of PIDs resulted in an error.
  3. Customizable product card attributes & metrics: Page level metrics and Site level metrics are now populating as expected when viewing product details at the Account or Sitegroup level. Earlier, these metrics were missing.


NOTE: Newly created synonym rules are syncing on the backend but not reflecting in the dashboard's Sync Status. We are working on fixing this issue. Thank you for your patience.