🚀 Release 2023-331

Release Date: October 3, 2023



1. Numeric Precision

  • Numeric precision, like other precision types, will now be applied to queries with an identifiable product type. For example, "2 in wire" where "wire" is the product type. However, if the query is just "2 in", then the precision mode will not be applied, and we will fall back to basic text match. This applies to English, French, and German languages.

2. Latest V3 Facet Response

  • Facets marked as "number" type are now correctly returned as "number" type in the API response. Earlier, they were returned as "text" type.

3. SKU Searchability

  • SKU Searchability is now working as expected if the variant attribute being searched on is a numeric attribute, i.e. the search for dimensional queries. Earlier, it retrieved products on matching attributes from different variants. This has been fixed.

*These changes will be released on October 4, 2023.



1. Synonyms

  • Synonyms were now working as expected for Polish and Japanese language catalogs. Earlier, there was an issue with the processing of some synonyms.

2. Merchandising Audiences

  • Editing Site level Audience on the Account level is now working as expected. Earlier, the canceled configuration changes would still appear on the Merchandising Audiences homepage.

3. Attributes handling for Multi-Catalog Accounts

We've improved how attributes are handled for accounts with multiple catalogs and views.

What Changed?

  • Earlier, the attribute values and categories were not aggregated at the Account and Site group level. Due to this, some categories and attribute values were missing from the Visual Editor.
  • With this upgrade, the attribute values and categories will be aggregated at the Account and Site group level. You can see all attributes from all the catalogs belonging to the Account or the chosen Site group. Additionally, you can filter attributes by a specific catalog using the new "Site Context" dropdown.

Who will this impact?
This upgrade benefits accounts that are multi-domain, multi-view, or both. Visit the documentation article to learn more.

4. Customizable Product Card Attributes & Metrics

  • The SKU data table no longer displays empty rows when there is no data.
  • Data sorting in the SKU data table now works as expected. Earlier, sorting by the configured attribute resulted in an error.
  • The dropdown menu for configuring SKU attribute values now loads all the SKU attribute values correctly. Earlier, there were issues with loading the attribute values.
  • On creating a rule with the same name as an existing rule, the changes made to the new rule were reflected in the existing rule. We have fixed this issue.

5. Category Facet Inheritance

  • When attempting to toggle the “Pass Down” setting in Category Inheritance Manager, there will no longer be any UI flickering.

6. Ranking Rules - Bulk Operations

  • After performing bulk clearing operations on the selected products, the products will no longer be moved to the end of the result set. The products will now be correctly positioned as per their algorithm-defined positions.

🚩 Known Issue - Cloning Configurations

  • The count of Target Site Rules may not display correctly on the Source Site. Instead of showing a numerical value, it displays "NaN". Please note that this UI error does not affect the cloning functionality. We will fix this in the next release.



Pixel Validator

We are happy to announce enhancements to the Pixel Validator Chrome extension. The improvements are listed below:

  • We have upgraded the extension from Manifest V2 to Manifest V3. This upgrade ensures improved efficiency and better compliance.
  • The extension UI features a new delete icon that allows you to delete the recorded pixels.
  • We have enhanced the Export and Click-to-copy functionalities to provide a seamless user experience.
  • We have implemented non-blocking web requests for smooth functioning and better performance.
    Visit the documentation article to learn more.