Release 1.254

Learn how to supercharge your personalization even further with Personalization Tags!

Personalize your emails even more with Personalization Tags

Increase the personalization of your email campaigns by using personalization tags – customizable placeholders for dynamic content. These tags include customer attributes, event properties, metrics, and other blocks or snippets. You can find them in the visual editor of your email campaigns.

SDKs updates

The release of Flutter SDK 1.5.0 contains:

  • In-app content block feature added into SDK
  • Dart SDK version increased to 2.17.0
  • Flutter minimal version increased to 3.0.0
  • Fixed: Bad handling of native errors to Flutter ones causes crash
  • Fixed: Wrong data types for App Inbox params showIcon and enabled

The release of iOS SDK 2.22.0 contains:

  • New optional data-actiontype attribute added for HTML messages
  • Fixed: In-app content block tracks error for each URL change also for about:blank