🚀 Release 2024-32

Release date: May 8, 2024

TL;DR : Uncover widget insights with new Recommendations Analytics capabilities and manage Group rules efficiently with bulk operations. The _br_uid_2 cookie now expires in two years, and German Search is even more relevant. We squashed minor bugs to improve performance.

🎉 Feature Updates

New Features in the Recommendations Analytics Dashboard

The All Widgets summary (or Recommendations Analytics Dashboard) has been updated with several new capabilities.

What’s new?

  • A new “Device Type” filter shows the widget performance data from only a particular device type (mobile, desktop, etc.).

  • You can now compare the data across different time periods. Choosing a time period and enabling comparison on it allows you to compare the data with that of the same preceding period.

  • We now provide the option to export the performance data of all widgets visible in the tabular view as a CSV file.

  • You can now access the individual performance reports of each widget directly from this Widget Performance dashboard itself.

Why is this valuable?

The new features and filter options provide capabilities to analyze the widget performance data with more control and make working with the dashboard smoother.


Boost Merchandising Efficiency with Bulk Operations for Group Rules

You can now select products in bulk and apply bulk merchandising operations to Group rules.

What improved?

Group rules now support the below-mentioned operations at the Global and Query levels.

  • Select products in bulk using the Product Bulk selection option under the Product tab. Upload a CSV file or add a list of PIDs.

  • The left-hand side panel now supports bulk operations, including boost, bury, add-to-group-recall, and block.

    Visit the documentation to learn more.

New Default Cookie Lifetime For GDPR Compliance

We reduced the default expiration of the _br_uid_2 cookie to a maximum of 2 years in the JavaScript pixel tracker. However, individual browsers’ policies might make it expire even sooner.

Why is this important?

  • Shorter cookie lifetime is a privacy-first practice that ensures GDPR compliance. This aims to strike a balance between data protection regulations, user privacy expectations, and effective analytical tracking.

Who will be impacted?

  • This change impacts only new customers, new integrations, or customers who upgrade to tracker 16.1. Existing customers will not be affected.

Improved Search Experience For German Catalogs

Search experience in German is now even better with the latest enhancements.

What improved?

  • We have updated the text splitter. This enables the search engine to split and understand German compound words accurately.
  • Search results for German queries are more relevant.

NOTE: After the release, you may see some slight discrepancies in the search results. This is due to the updated splitter, which may affect the recall for some queries. We've run the indexers on our side to reflect the change and ensure that the results you see are accurate.

For the smoothest experience, we recommend German Content Search customers re-run their content catalogs.

🐛Bug fixes

Precision Modes

  • Due to null results, when a precision mode was relaxed to the default search without applying spell correction or query relaxation, the API response still included the "did-you-mean" section even when spell correction was not triggered. We have fixed this. The API response no longer includes the "did-you-mean" section if there's no spell correction.
  • We improved search accuracy for misspelled queries. Now, LLM-based precision mode automatically corrects misspelled queries before relaxing to the default search. Previously, some misspelled queries were relaxed to default search without spell correction.

Usage Dashboard

  • An error in tracking trending product widget requests caused the Usage Dashboard to report a large count of 'Invalid' request type. We have resolved the issue. This fix ensures accurate counting of future widget requests. It does not affect past requests already marked as 'Invalid'.


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