🚀 Release 2024-11

Release Date: January 24, 2024

TL;DR : In this release, we have deployed new feature capabilities and added several UI enhancements for a better user experience.

🎉 Feature Updates

Seamlessly Test V3 Facet Response Format with New Parameter

We are introducing a new parameter called "facet.version" that enables the independent testing of the V3 Facet response format. When "facet.version" is set to '3.0', the API will return data in the new facet format. The calls made without this parameter will still receive responses in the older facet format.

This capability facilitates a smooth and reliable migration of existing customers to the V3 Facet format by allowing them to test the change beforehand on some APIs. It also helps avoid any integration overhead.

Visit the documentation article to learn more.


Improved Reliability and Consistency of Usage Data

To enhance the reliability and consistency of data in the Usage app, we have implemented the following enhancements:

  1. We have improved the "Group By" and "Filter" capabilities to always show consistent data.

    • Introduced new groups of HTTP status codes for more convenience.

      1. OK responses: 200 codes (200-299) are in a group “2xx”
      2. Client errors: 400 codes (400-499) are in a group “4xx”
      3. Server errors: 500 codes (500-599) are in a group “5xx”
      New status codes groups

      New status codes groups

    • Introduced a new “invalid” Catalog type for requests where we cannot detect a catalog.

    • Introduced a new “invalid” Request type for requests where we cannot detect the request type.

      New "invalid" Catalog type and "invalid" Request type filters

      New "invalid" Catalog type and "invalid" Request type filters

  2. Usage report now displays the globally aggregated usage data for all regions. Earlier, regional data was being reported.

Visit the documentation article to learn more.

Dynamic Categories [Early Preview]: Improved UI to Enhance User Experience

Configuring Dynamic Categories is now even more hassle-free! We have improved the user experience with new UI refinements such as informative notification banners and messages, and a multi-select dropdown for selecting product attributes.

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Insights report “Site Searches Directly From This Category": We fixed a minor bug that impacted the reporting of visits and search frequency data in specific cases.