Release 1.248

Update your catalog items faster with two new Bulk Update API endpoints and gain actionable insights with enhanced user experience in Reports! Read more in the post.

Update Catalog Items Faster with Bulk Update APIs

You can now update multiple catalog items at once, ensuring that your data is always up-to-date in near real-time using our two API endpoints:

Say goodbye to long waiting times for updates. We now handle the same number of updates with fewer API calls, resulting in faster processing and eliminating network overhead for individual item updates. By synchronizing your catalogs faster and more reliably, our solution empowers you to confidently rely on the values in your catalogs for all your business needs.

Effortlessly gain actionable insights with enhanced Reports UX

Enjoy a more intuitive and streamlined experience while accessing and analyzing your valuable data. New Reports UX improvements include:

  • New writing and implementation tooltips.
  • Sorting indicator in tables explaining what columns the table is sorted by.
  • Duplicate metric behavior enhanced by adding prefixes to copied metrics.
  • Renaming input feature fixed.
  • Active indicator for filters and collapsible sections in three more sections when they aren’t empty.
  • ‘Not matching’ option in one click.

SDKs updates

The new releases of Flutter SDK 1.4.2 brings:

  • Fixed requireNotConfigured() used in isRead and other method

Xamarin SDK release 1.2.2 contains:

  • Fixed: Missing x86_64 architecture build for iOS Notifications

The latest version of Android SDK 3.8.0 has been delivered and brings these improvements:

  • Added universal link handling and in-app content block guide to example app documentation
  • Documentation now includes better descriptions of the anonymize feature, configuration property 'tokenTrackFrequency', push notification payload structure
  • Improved push notification tracking from killed state without runtime SDK init
  • Added support for push notification permission requests
  • Added app inbox detail image inset as configuration property
  • Added project token validation to SDK initialization process
  • Fixed issues in in-app messages regarding screen orientation and image caching, and loading of content blocks
  • Fixed push token tracking when 'automaticPushNotification' is disabled and API call for tracking FCM push token in the example app for HMS